Gallatin Co. sends warning for spring flooding


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Gallatin County Emergency Management is advising residents to prepare for spring flooding.

Officials recommend to start planning before spring runoff starts. The Gallatin County Emergency Management director, Patrick Lonergan, tells us once runoff begins it becomes more difficult to protect property.

It's a good idea to stock up on sandbags now. If you live near any irrigation ditches, culverts, creeks or any other waterway, flooding is always a possibility. Make sure to keep those areas around your property clean of debris.

For property owners who don't have flood insurance and want to purchase it, planning should start ahead of time as well. Insurance won't kick in until 30 days after you buy it.

"When we see a quick warm-up, warm rain for a long time, (a lack of) freezing at night, on top of our big snowpack, that's typically where we see issues presenting themselves. It's hard to say if all those factors will line up," said Lonergan. says it's important to have a 72-hour kit on hand in case severe flooding does occur. In it you should have a first aid kit, canned food, a can opener and water. A flashlight and extra batteries are helpful in case you lose electricity. Packing supplies for your pets is just as important. There should be enough supplies to get you through three days.

To stay updated on any flooding in the county Lonergan recommends residents sign up for the emergency notification system. You can find that by clicking here.