Gallatin County one step closer to Belgrade Interchange


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Workers are busy with nine different Montana Department of Transportation projects, in Gallatin County alone- from the Gallatin turn lanes project to the north 7th interchange. In all, the projects total over $40 million. Butte boasts 10 projects that are either in the works or will be soon, worth more than $34 million. While Montana Department of Transportation is busy with projects around the state, folks in Gallatin County are working to ensure they're ready for bidding to open for the new Belgrade Interchange project. "Gallatin County was charged with getting the right-of-ways for the new interchange by Belgrade and it's something we've been working pretty hard at for the last three or four months and that was achieved," explains Gallatin County Commissioner Steve White. That means they were able to secure all of the necessary property, either by donation or by purchasing it from landowners, to build the interchange. I sat down with Gallatin County Commissioner Steve White to take a look at the plans for the interchange. He tells me this is the first project of this magnitude to include the local government. They contributed $2 million. "It becomes a commercial improvement for business and for the economic climate of Belgrade but the entire county benefits," says White. White tells me it will also allow folks to move more easily from north to south without worrying about where the trains are. Dirt is already being moved and before long, a new temporary railroad track will be installed as a train detour, called a shoofly. "We're looking forward to the project. I think it's taken a lot of work to get to this point and I think people are going to be pretty happy with what they see done out in that area," says White. White tells me advertising for bids will begin June 13th and bidding will open July 11th. He says the project will be awarded July 23rd. The project is set to begin around September 23rd and will take about a year and a half to complete.