Gallatin River reaches action stage


GALLATIN GATEWAY, Mont. - After a string of warm days, the Gallatin River at Gallatin Gateway was listed at action stage Monday, sitting at 5.01 feet and a foot away from minor flood stage.

If the river continues to rise, it could flood roadways and homes in the area.

According to the National Weather Service, once the river's water level reaches six feet, the water flows over roads and smaller bridges. At 6.3 feet, water will flow over the Axtell and Irwin bridges. Once the river reaches the seven foot mark, minor roads in the Gallatin Gateway area will flood, and at 7.2 feet, floodwaters could reach homes and houses in the area. National Weather Service projections don't currently show the Gallatin River rising past action stage, but for Gallatin Gateway resident Carol Barmore, spring flooding is something people living close to the river are used to.

"Especially down there, there are homes closer to the river than there are here, so it could go over the road as well," Barmore said. "And that has happened in Gateway many times."

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