Gas prices expected to remain low through summer


MISSOULA, Mont. - Warmer weather is finally making its way into Big Sky Country, which means Montanans are getting ready for some summer traveling. says gas prices should stay down for the next few months. The website reports Montana's average gas price is $2.36. Senior petroleum analyst Dan McTeauge says the price of gas should stay around that price.

Reg Scharf drove his motorcycle from Canada to Missoula Friday. He says the price of gas in Canada is more expensive than in Montana, but he doesn't mind paying it, because that's what it takes to enjoy riding his bike.

"It doesn't really bother me on my motorcycle," Scharf said. "It gets pretty good gas mileage anyhow."

Missoula's lowest price of gas per gallon is $2.41 as of Friday. Bozeman's lowest is $2.32, Kalispell's is $2.39, and Butte's lowest is $2.33.

According to McTeauge, the reason why Missoula has the highest gas prices is because retailers can charge more per gallon. McTeauge says it has nothing to do with taxes or wholesale pricing, rather due to Missoula just getting a better deal on gas.

"People will pay what they pay," Missoula resident Tavis Johansson said. "If everyone is setting their prices above the average, there's not a whole lot of options for the most of us."

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