Glacier Camp collapse sparks memories of 2004 Polson accident


POLSON, Mont. - The minute the deck collapsed at Glacier Camp Saturday afternoon, it sparked memories for many of the 2004 deck collapse at the Diamond Horseshoe Bar and Grill. More than fifty people were injured in that collapse.

Since then, the restaurant has been revived as Pete's Lake View Bar and Grill. Pete Terteling and his fiance Laurie say the new deck is sturdier and safer than ever.

Now thirteen years old, the new deck is reinforced with steel beams and a concrete interior, with beams running underneath the deck.

"In an event of an earthquake right now, I would actually evacuate the building and run onto the deck because I know that will withstand anything right now," Terteling said.

While Pete and Laurie look forward, the memory of the 2004 Diamond Horseshoe collapse is still fresh for some.

"There were stories about when the people were brought in from the deck that collapsed and there were people all over the place outside the hospital," Polson resident Ryan Allen said. "And they didn't have quite enough room to treat everybody but everybody came together and got it all sorted out."

Whitefish resident Donna Davis says ultimately it all boils down to safety.

"There was a lot of deck and you put that many people on it - I guess you really need to understand how it's built and have an idea of how many people it will hold," David said.