Glass recycling growing in Flathead County


KALISPELL, Mont. - A new business in the Flathead is hoping to reduce the amount of waste going into the county landfill by recycling something that the county currently doesn't.

That's what Teri Schneider does at her business, New World Recycling.

They're only recycler of glass in the flathead.

Even the county doesn't recycle glass.

Schneider believes that few places due it because it's a lot of work.

"It is a process. It does cost money to do this. And the machines aren't cheap," said Schneider.

While it's helping reduce the amount of space in the landfill, it's also creating a new product.

"We are able to sell this back out as a re-usable product. It recycles it with the use that it gets out of it. People buy it for their driveways, for their gardens, for their fountains," said Schneider.

The glass bottles are taken and put into a machine where they're pulverized down into a much smaller and finer form and you can take it together and rub it together with your hands and it doesn't cut you at all.

"If people realized how valuable the recycled product is versus the whole product, they would see its well worth doing," Schneider said.

Schneider believes it's important to recycle anything as much as she can for not only her, but for future generations.

"We want to recycle in the state of Montana, especially the Flathead Valley," said Schneider.

New World Recycling also does a pick-up recycling route five days a week. For more information, you can find them on Facebook or call 406-260-3317.