Graham released, returns to parents' home in Kalispell


KALISPELL, Mont. - NBC Montana was on the scene in Kalispell as Jordan Linn Graham returned home tonight after a federal magistrate ordered her released from custody.

Graham reportedly confessed to pushing her husband of eight days off of a cliff in Glacier National Park.

Just before 3 p.m. Thursday, Graham learned she would be released from jail and able to return home to Kalispell, pending second-degree murder charges. Our crew was at her parents home this evening awaiting her arrival.

We stood outside of a home in Wilson Heights for about an hour before our cameras captured a male driving a white sedan into the garage around 6 p.m. We witnessed the man starting to block out the front door and garage window with white paper, likely securing the house before Graham returned to her parents home.

At 7 p.m. we saw a woman appear at the Rutledges' home in a dark car and park in the garage. Graham was likely hiding in the backseat.

She was followed by an SUV driven by Federal Probation Officers. The officers parked and entered the home carrying a small briefcase. Thirty minutes later the officers left the Rutledge's home.

We dug through the federal court records and found Federal Magistrate Jeremiah Lynch set special conditions on Graham's release.

That means her parents are responsible for her as long as she is free. She's confined to her parents' house and she must wear a special monitoring bracelet that tracks her every move, so her parents have to install a special landline to their house.

The fight over whether Graham should remain free until any possible criminal charges is far from over. Shortly after her release, we learned the U.S. Attorney's office wants the judge to reconsider and put Graham back behind bars.