Granite Co. cleans up after flooding


PHILIPSBURG, Mont. - Just a few days ago Granite County was under a flood warning when heavy rain continuously fell. Now, three days after the initial downpour which caused floods around the area, residents are finally getting around to cleaning up their properties.

NBC Montana spoke with Philipsburg resident Jim Young. He's been cleaning since Wednesday but says he wasn't so lucky when the rain came, because his garage flooded.

"That morning the creeks were running," Young said. "They were ripping down through here."

Young says more than 5 inches of water covered the floor. He says in the coming days he'll take a power washer to the cement to clean it of stains and dirt that was left behind.

Even though it's hard to predict the actions of Mother Nature, Granite County safety coordinator Rick Day says it's critical to try to stay ahead of the storm.

"Back in the 1990s, I believe, Philipsburg, the area, had a smaller but similar flood," Day said. "What the county does do is decide if it needs to plan and then add additional steps that would help mitigate the effect of it happening in the future."

Right now Day says they're adding up the damages. If the damages are worse than expected he says the county will ask for a disaster request from the state -- or, worst case scenario, the federal government.

Day says he spoke with one resident in the area who told him they hadn't seen this much damage from flood waters in over 40 years.

"You can't really blame anyone except Mother Nature," Young said. "She'll just shrug it off and do it to you again."

For now the residents of Granite County are cleaning up the aftermath of the storm, ready to get back on their feet.

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