Greek fest preps for food, dancing, fun


MISSOULA, Mont. - Friday is the second day of prepping for Saturday's Greek Fest. The organizer says, it's the first time they are doing one. They hope to see more than 1,000 people come through.

On Friday, they prepared spanakopita or Greek spinach pie and beef skewers which is one of several homemade foods that will be served at the event on Saturday.

There will be dance lessons, a market, and beer and wine.

"People come and they see the baking, the cooking and they enjoy it," said volunteer Maria Tsakarestos.

"They should really expect the flare of Greece, our hospitality, our awesome Greek food and there's going to be dancing, and Greek music," said event organizer Kristina Datsopoulos.

This is a family friendly event. All proceeds will benefit the Greek Orthodox Church and the organizer says she hopes that they will be able to raise $20,000 t0 $30,000.

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