Grizzly football fans react to Johnson trial verdict


MISSOULA, Mont. - Friday's ‘not guilty' verdict for former Griz quarterback Jordan Johnson is welcome news for some football fans. We caught up with fans who tell NBC Montana they are absolutely thrilled about the news and hope to see Johnson back on the football field during the next season. One fan said he thinks Johnson is a great quarterback who brings a lot to the team. He says the verdict of ‘not guilty' is good news for Johnson and for Grizzly football fans everywhere. "He's got every right to play," said James Dyke, a long-time Grizzly football fan. "He should play and that will help support his innocence." Another Grizzly football fan said he felt taking Johnson off the field was unfair from the get-go. "There wasn't really much basis behind the charges that led him to not be allowed to play at that time period," said Ian Gordon. "He's faced his trial and I think he has the right to play just as much as anyone else on the team." Others tell us they feel the ‘not guilty' verdict was given only because Johnson is a Grizzly football player. "Sadly I don't think I'm surprised that he got off," said Missoula resident Gerre Maillet. "I think it's his status as an athlete that got him off and I'm not sure that that should have come into play in this trial." We don't know yet whether Johnson will be allowed back on the UM football team, but NBC Montana will keep you updated as soon as we know more.