Groups set up leash lending stations for dog owners


BOZEMAN, Mont. - A group of Bozeman dog lovers wants to help dog owners avoid getting a ticket for not using a leash.

Folks with Bozeman Parks and Recreation have teamed up with the Gallatin Valley Land Trust, Dee-O-Gee and the nonprofit Run Dog Run to put up leash lending stations around town. "I really liked how it was a collaboration of city government and nonprofits and a local business all working towards the same goal, regardless of what industry or area that it's in. It's unique when those three entities can come together for a common cause," says Dee-O-Gee Owner Josh Allen. Folks with Run Dog Run tell us similar stations have been put out in Missoula with great success. We spoke to folks with Dee-O-Gee, which donates the leashes. They tell us they wanted to get involved with the community. "The hope is that you can use them to jog with your dog and walk it or run with it and you normally would if you had your leash with you, not just a cheap little thing that you can't really use. So, it was our hope that we would contribute something valuable," explains Allen. Areas the group found with the most citations for dogs off-leash are the areas around Peet's Hill, Bozeman Ponds and south of town in Tuckerman Park, Sourdough Trail and Sundance Springs Trail. So far there are 10 kiosks up. The group aims to put up another 10 to 15.