Hamilton hosts Law Enforcement Memorial Day parade


HAMILTON, Mont. - It was a beautiful day for a parade.

The weather in Hamilton was made sweeter with the sound of bagpipes, as law enforcement officers made their way down Main Street.

The annual Peace Officers Memorial Day ceremony attracted crowds along the way, as cars, some of them vintage, drove slowly down the parade route.

Delegations came from all over Montana, Missoula, Helena, even a lone Montana Highway Patrolman from 600 miles away.

"It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a patrolman in a town like Scobey," said Charles Ross Tuggle. "It's a town with 1,000 people way up in the northeastern corner of the state, and they appreciate having their patrolman there."

Tuggle is a member of the MHP Honor Guard.

Montana has lost 122 law officers since the 1800s.