Hamilton passes $485,000 general fund mill levy


HAMILTON, Mont. - Voters in Hamilton School District have decided to approve a $485,000 general fund mill levy.

It's will help pay for six key areas administrators have identified.

First, there's a partnership with Bitterroot College.

Through the college, high school students can prepare for immediate employment or university training in medical, technological or manufacturing industries.

Another portion of the levy will reinstate a high school theater program that had been cut.

It will fund a summer and after-school educational program, help with district rental facilities, reduce fee structures for student activities and help with expected budget shortfalls because of declining enrollment.

"We're looking at the next 2 years," said superintendent Tom Korst, "losing about $80,000 per year if this enrollment trend continues."

Many voters cast absentee ballots. But some voted the old fashioned way, at the polls.

"I support the mill levy," said Jan Abel. "I'm a former teacher, so I know how important it is to have good schools and quality education."

But many said it will be tough on people with fixed incomes.

"The people that vote that in," said Gene Rotondo, "should be the ones that pay the taxes and the ones that don't vote it in shouldn't have to pay it."