Hamilton voters approve armory, park bond


HAMILTON, Mont. - Hamilton voters on Tuesday approved the city's purchase of the National Guard Armory building and Claudia Driscoll Park adjacent to the armory with a vote of 689-497.

The cost of the purchase is $1.35 million.

Election officials say only 38 percent of voters returned their mail-in ballots, a turnout they are calling "low."

Ravalli County Elections Administrator Regina Plettenberg told us Monday they were hoping for a 60-percent voter turnout.

A bond will now pay for the vacant armory building, the 5.9-acre park, including Canyon Hideaway play area, and the seating area in front of the community band shell

Some of the money will also be used for park improvements.

The city wants to convert the armory into a justice center to house police and eventually the city attorney and court.

The bond will cost the owner of a $200,000 house $35.78 a year for the next 15 years.