Hamilton voters to decide levy, bond


HAMILTON, Mont, - Voters in Hamilton will decide on a bond and levy election on May 25.

But at the Tuesday evening meeting the board voted to postpone the sale of Washington Elementary and the old Westview Junior High and Haynes Field.

Voters will decide whether to support a $9.75 million bond to pay for expansion and remodeling of Daly Elementary and the relocation of Haynes track and field to the high school.

They will vote on a proposed $400,000 general fund levy to maintain and grow programs, to retain and recruit teachers and extend the life of facilities.

Taxes on a $200,000 house would be $48 a year.

NBC Montana talked to Hamilton parent Trel Sidoruk.

"Taking the school sales off the docket was very helpful because it made people think of this as what it really should be," he said. "What it really is is improving the infrastructure of the school and trying to figure out how to pay for a district with less kids."

The Hamilton district is trying to offset a projected $700,000 shortfall budget deficit because of anticipated declining enrollment.

The election will coincide with the special Congressional election on May 25.