Harley Davidson love affair on Montana's high road


MISSOULA, Mont. - By now, most NBC Montana viewers know about my obsession with motorcycling. More specifically, a life-long love affair with Harley Davidson motorcycles.

A couple of years ago, my wife confronted my "some day a Harley" attitude. She stepped out on her own and bought a Harley for me. When I protested the expense, she replied with a question. "How old are you going to be next summer?"

Game over! She picked the perfect bike and I added my first Harley to the garage. Since that day, my calendar is marked by the beginning and end of riding season.

Last weekend presented another "some day" opportunity. The Beartooth Rally in Red Lodge, Montana was celebrating 20 years of two-wheeled camaraderie with fascinating, free-minded people, surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery you'll find anywhere. My bike was scheduled for a spa weekend, 40,000 mile checkup and bag lift. Thanks to Grizzly Harley Davidson for hooking me up with a nice Ultra Classic for the road trip.

Our webmaster invited me to share a few Beartooth photos and a video. Why not come along for a ride up Chief Joseph Pass. We'll start with a checkpoint in Wyoming and proceed to the serpentine blacktop route to the top. Just so you know, we stepped up the video speed in the interest of time.

See if you can spot the car driver who decides to share my lane in a tight right curve!!!