Health department inspects food vendors at Ravalli Co. Fair


HAMILTON, Mont. - The fair vendor that came under fire for transporting food from one event to another without proper refrigeration is setting up at the upcoming Ravalli County Fair in Hamilton.

North Star Amusements vendors service a number of fairs in the region.

Ravalli County's environmental health director, John Palacio, spent the day inspecting all North Star's vendors, and its refrigeration system.

Palacio showed NBC Montana a generator that was running on one of its freezer's trucks.

"The generator is fairly new looking," said Palacio. "They do have power during their transport and they're getting their food delivered here, as opposed to taking it from the previous site."

Palacio said other freezers weren't plugged in. But he said the freezers were empty, and will be cleaned and sanitized before food is stored in them.

Palacio said North Star's vendors have passed all inspections so far.

He will continue his inspections Wednesday. Palacio will also be inspecting dozens of private vendors before and during the fair.