Helena man found not guilty in Bozeman rape trial


BOZEMAN, Mont. - A jury found a Helena man not guilty of raping a Bozeman teen on Friday afternoon.

Jared Robert Kuntz was emotional when he heard the verdict.

The case goes back to December 2012, when the teen girl said Kuntz gave her alcohol and thought he had sexually assaulted her.

The jury found Kuntz guilty of giving alcohol to a minor.

The news came after a week-long trial for Kuntz.

NBC Montana spoke to the deputy county attorney after court Friday.

"I'm obviously disappointed with the outcome. I respect the jury's decision in this matter. I think they gave it serious consideration," said Deputy County Attorney Eric Kitzmiller. "The state presented what I thought was the best case that we could. Both individuals involved in this event -- the evidence suggested they were both intoxicated and I'm guessing that the jury had some issues with the credibility of both parties."

Kuntz was sentenced to six months in jail for the charge of giving alcohol to a minor.