Historic building collapses in Three Forks

Courtesy of Three Forks Volunteer Firefighters

THREE FORKS, Mont. - Three Forks volunteer firefighters responded to the collapse of a 105-year-old building last weekend.

Firefighters told NBC Montana the old age of the building and heavy snow cover led to the collapse. No injuries were reported.

Shay Lindquist works across the street from the historic building. He told NBC Montana he heard the collapse and originally thought it was a car accident. Lindquist said he was surprised by the damage.

"I never figured it would," Lindquist said. "It's been there for so long, you know? I never thought it would collapse."

Katelyn Oakes lives across the street from the building. She said the collapse felt like an earthquake. Oakes told NBC Montana she saw the collapse coming.

"That roof isn't that sturdy at all," Oakes said. "It's all rotted, and we knew it was just a matter of time it was going to collapse, because that snow was so heavy on that roof."

In a Facebook post firefighters warned residents to steer clear of the damage, as they believe what's still standing could collapse at any moment.

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