Holm on his own to show up for hearing next week


MISSOULA, Mont. - A Missoula judge has ordered a Lolo man to return to Missoula for the execution of his sentence, but he's on his own as far as showing up to hearing.

Missoula County District Court Judge Dusty Deschamps sentenced Brian Holm in 2011 for vehicular homicide under the influence. After drinking in a Lolo bar Holm drove to Missoula and ran over a killed Brian Beaver from Aberdeen, Wash. Beaver was on vacation in Missoula and walking to his hotel with a friend.

Holm hasn't been to prison yet for the 15 years the judge handed out. He's filed appeals and most recently had surgery in Minnesota.

Tuesday Judge Deschamps ordered Holm to return to Missoula for a hearing next week where Deschamps is expected to turn Holm over to deputies who will take him to the Montana State Prison.

County Attorney Fred VanValkenburg said Holm is responsible for showing up to the court hearing next Tuesday. He is not on any GPS monitoring but does have an electronic alcohol monitoring bracelet. That bracelet was removed during Holm's surgery and was scheduled to be put back on soon thereafter.

Beaver's father says he's concerned about Holm not showing up.

"He knows he's going to jail he's been dodging it for two years and you think he's not going to use every means he can to disappear," said Brian Beaver Sr.

VanValkenburg said if Holm doesn't show up in court a warrant will be issued and Missoula authorities will go get him and bring him back.

We'll keep you updated.