Humane Society sends director to help with animal aid


MISSOULA,Mont. - The Humane Society of Western Montana's director of programs and certified dog trainer is heading to Texas this week to assist pets who have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

Mariah Scheskie has done this before, as her passion of helping animals goes back to Hurricane Katrina.

"I first did this back when Katrina first hit, but now it's a lot more organized, and a lot more people are assisting in this operation," Scheskie said.

Scheskie hopes to help reunite lost pets with their owners.

''There have been a lot of reunions at the pet pavilion, so hopefully those will continue to happen. I've seen a lot of stories with Best Friends, that the families were looking for their lost pets and when they got back into Houston the families were able to locate the pets pretty quickly," she said.

Those reunions are the thing she looks forward to the most.

"I think it will be really rewarding if I will be able to see any of those reunions between the animals and their pet owners," said Scheskie.

With the help of organizations like Best Friends, Scheskie is grateful to head down to Houston and volunteer her expertise and assist in getting animals home.

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