Hundreds turn out to debate controversial ADU proposal


MISSOULA, Mont. - Monday night the Missoula City Council chambers were packed with folks anxious to discuss a controversial proposal.

The line for public comment was out the door as Missoula residents waited to voice their thoughts on the proposal to allow accessory dwelling units to be built in single-family neighborhoods.

NBC Montana was at that meeting that was still underway as of 10:45 p.m.

A number of single family homeowners argued that allowing ADUs would devalue their properties, increase traffic and hurt their quality of life.

Others argued ADUs would create more affordable housing, allow the elderly to afford to stay in their homes and help increase home ownership.

"As a community we aren't going to be able to secure enough grant funds to solve our affordable housing or family homelessness problem," said Missoula resident Cindy Weese. "It is imperative that we move forward with creative solutions in the private sector."

"If I had wanted to live in a neighborhood with higher density in multi-family dwellings I would have purchased such a home in such a neighborhood to begin with," said Missoula resident Loreen Folsom. "I would have saved myself some money rather than buying one in a quiet non-congested neighborhood where I live now."

NBC Montana will continue to follow the meeting and let you know if the council came to a decision Monday night.