Idaho family man competes for 'American Ninja Warrior'


HAMILTON, Mont. - A 27-year-old Salmon, Idaho, man is among 90-some athletes vying for the top title on "American Ninja Warrior."

Lance Pekus visited youngsters at a Ninja Warrior gymnastics clinic in Hamilton.

He's known as the Ninja Cowboy in the extreme obstacle course competition.

The former University of Great Falls wrestler does seasonal work for the Forest Service, and works on is father-in-law's ranch, where he built his own obstacle course in a calving shed.

Pekus demonstrated to young fans how he maneuvers through the difficult obstacle courses.

"I feel like a kid when I get on these courses," said the athlete. "I've trained a lot, so I feel fairly confident that I'm capable of doing this, but any obstacle can take out a person at any time."

The Ninja Cowboy has a huge fan base. But his biggest supporters are his wife Heather, and their little girl Gracie.

"American Ninja Warrior" is conducting the Mt. Midoriyama finals in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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