Investigators work full-time tracking leads in East Missoula gas station robbery


EAST MISSOULA, Mont. - Investigators are working full-time tracking leads in Monday's armed robbery in East Missoula. A masked man robbed the clerk at the Kwik Stop Sinclair at knifepoint.

The robber disappeared with the money, leaving neighbors nervous, and deputies sifting through clues.

More than a year ago, a robber shot an Ole's clerk working the graveyard shift just down the street. He was seriously injured, and two men were charged in the crime. It's made people more cautious.

"We keep less money in our tills," said veteran cashier Martha Davis.

Investigators want to keep the Kwik Stop robbery and assault fresh in everybody's mind.

The robber forced the clerk into a cooler, took money from the register. then left.

The store is right off the freeway.

"I think this is someone that knows the area," said Missoula County Sheriffs Captain Mike Dominick. "I don't think it was a random person swinging off the interstate, jumping in and robbing the clerk. I think it was somebody that knew the area."

The store clerk who was assaulted is back at work. He's an open, talkative, friendly man. He declined a TV interview. Most everybody in town knows him as Jack.

Rhonda McCall's kids love him. The robbery has made the young mother jumpy. "I have little kids," said McCall."I don't want them walking by themselves, especially to the store."

"It's hard to imagine that it's happening right in broad daylight," said Leathy Hansen.

Investigators are hoping that in broad daylight somebody saw something that will help solve the case.

If you have any information you are urged to call Crimestoppers at 721-4444.

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