Jason Christ represents himself in bomb threat trial


MISSOULA, Mont. - A Missoula detective told a jury that a well-known marijuana advocate blamed an impersonator for the bomb threats he was accused of making two years ago to a local Verizon store.

Jason Christ is representing himself in a trial over the threats that started Wednesday.

He's charged with felony intimidation for a series of calls to a Verizon store where he expressed dissatisfaction with his service and allegedly threatened to bomb the store.

The bomb squad combed the place at the time, but didn't find anything.

Prosecutors called Missoula Police Detective Stacey Lear, who investigated the incident, to the witness stand for questioning. She told the jury that Christ called her during her investigation and denied making the calls.

"He indicated that he had lots of enemies and that someone had spoofed his phone number and made it appear that he had made a call in order to appear that he had made a threat that he had not actually made," said Lear.

The detective then told the jury she was able to determine that it was Christ himself who made the threats.

The trial is scheduled to end Friday.