Johnson trial continues with accuser testimony


MISSOULA, Mont. - The rape trial for the former University of Montana quarterback Jordan Johnson resumed Wednesday morning with the accuser on the stand.

Prosecution continued questioning the alleged victim Wednesday. Asking her first to recount the night she says Johnson raped her.

The incident happened about a year ago when Johnson and the woman went to her house to watch a movie. The woman told the court she didn't get ready for any 'sexual relations' that night; she didn't do her hair, put on makeup, perfume, etc.

They consensually kissed about five minutes into the movie, but the woman said as things started to heat up she told Johnson 'not tonight.'

Prosecutor Joel Thompson asked the woman if she considered inviting Johnson into her room and invitation for sex, she replied no.

The woman told the court Johnson wouldn't stop, he took off her pants and underwear and she tried to push him away. She said Johnson changed into a totally different person. She said he told her to turn over or he would make her, and then he flipped her on to her stomach.

"I knew I was going to get raped," the woman said.

After the alleged rape the woman said she was in shock and she wanted to get Johnson out of her home as quickly as possible. She said she went to her car and waited for him and drove him home in silence.

The alleged victim then told the court over the next 48 hours she went to get a medical exam, she told some close friends, and recounted her story to a professor. Then the following weekend she told her parents and brother what happened. The woman said her parents are not in the courtroom, saying she didn't want them to see her like this.

Thompson wrapped up his questioning with the woman and Johnson's attorney David Paoli started his cross examination. He too asked her about the night Johnson allegedly raped her.

He went to bring up text messages traded between the woman and her friends both before and after the incident.

Paoli asked the woman if she remembered texting a friend in December 2011, about a month and half before the alleged rape. The woman confirmed that in that text she explained to a friend a nightmare she had about a Grizzly football player raping her.

Paoli also asked the woman about texts she sent to friends after the alleged incident.

"You actually texted friends that you're family was coming and s--- was going to hit the fan didn't you?" Paoli asked. "Yes," she replied.

"And did s--- hit the fan?"

"I guess so."

"How so?"

"I believe the next week the athletic director and the coach got fired," the woman said.

"And did that make you happy?" asked Paoli.


The texts traded between the woman and Johnson and the woman and her friends/family have been addressed multiple times during the trial so far. Judge Karen Townsend had the final say on whether the texts could be used in the courtroom, after several motions filed by both sides prior to the trial.

The trial resumes Thursday morning. NBC Montana will have updates throughout the day.

You can also follow the live twitter feed of the trial here.