Johnson trial takes steps out of order, defense calls witnesses


MISSOULA, Mont. - Day eight of the rape trial involving former University of Montana quarterback Jordan Johnson took a step out of order Friday morning.

After the jury watched more footage from an interview detectives did with Johnson, Detective Connie Brueckner answered a few more questions from the prosecution, before temporarily leaving the stand.

The defense will call two witnesses Friday, that have to leave town. So the prosecution will continue it's case when the witnesses have finished their testimony.

Johnson's attorney David Paoli called Dr. Ted Hariton. Hariton told the court he's a forensic gynecologist and reviews cases for attorneys all over the country.

Hariton described his education and background to the jury. And then talked specifically about this case. Hariton said he reviewed the examination materials from the alleged victim's medical exam done the day following the alleged rape. He also looked at police reports and interviews.

When asked if he had an opinion Hariton responded "Yes, there is no medical evidence that indicates the sex that was had that night was not consensual."

Hariton also said the nurse didn't know how to do the exam.

The audience, including media was then asked to leave the courtroom so Hariton could review the medical exam video and pictures with the jury.

After the video Paoli and prosecutor Adam Duerk questioned Hariton some more. He told the jury he's testified in several other sexual assault cases, always for the defense.

Johnson's defense team also called a character witness, who is headed out of town as well. Scott Wright was a teacher and coach for Johnson in high school in Eugene, OR. He described Johnson as shy, quiet, respectful and honest.

Says he kept in contact with Johnson a little since Johnson moved to Montana for school.

The jury finished viewing the video recording of the interview detectives did with Johnson. In it they heard an emotional Johnson after one detective asked him about his future.

"Even just being a teacher and a coach you can't have this on your record. You'll never be a coach right?" "I don't care about all that I just want to be a normal kid again. I don't care about football," Johnson told the detective in the video.

Also on the stand Friday, Alex Bienemann, Johnson's friend, roommate and a Grizzly football player. Bienemann explained to the court how Johnson acted after the alleged incident, and what he heard. Bienemann was excused from the stand late Friday afternoon.

The trial will continue Monday morning at 9 a.m.

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