Judge wants explanations of evidence in Johnson case


MISSOULA, Mont. - Jordan Johnson's attorneys showed up in Missoula District Court Tuesday to discuss whether they'll get to see evidence they say is crucial to the case.

It's the latest development in the case against the former Griz starting quarterback, who's accused of raping a friend earlier this year.

Johnson's attorneys Kirsten Pabst and David Paoli demanded prosecutors cough up thousands of text messages traded between the alleged victim and her friends.

But the State hasn't provided them yet. In fact, Pabst and Paoli claim the State has redacted much of the information.

Judge Karen Townsend set a briefing schedule in court Tuesday. Asking for the state to explain why they're hesitating. The defense will have an opportunity to respond as well.

That schedule covers the remainder of September, and the Townsend asked that the briefs be sealed to the public until she's gone through the information made up her mind.

The next hearing in court is scheduled for September 25.