Jury hears opening statements, alleged victim testimony in Johnson rape trial


MISSOULA, Mont. - After opening statements from attorneys, testimony from the alleged victim started, in the case against a former University of Montana quarterback.

The jury selected Monday afternoon, of seven women and five men, had a full day with details from attorneys and some brief testimony from the alleged victim.

Jordan Johnson is accused of raping the woman at her home, while they watched a movie about a year ago.

Some facts were not disputed by either side. Prosecutors and Johnson's defense agree the two met about a year before the incident, and hung out a few times. Then about a year later they saw each other at the Forester's Ball and made plans to hang out again.

Both Johnson and the alleged victim agreed to watch a movie at the woman's house.

"You proposed to him watching a movie?" asked prosecutor Joel Thompson. "Yes," replied the alleged victim. "And what did he say to that?" "Sounds good, I believe," she said.

The woman picked Johnson up at his home and drove him to her home where they watched about 20 minutes of a movie and started kissing. Even as things started to escalate from there, both Johnson and the alleged victim were okay with the situation. That's where the stories of the two start to differ.

Prosecutors say the woman told Johnson 'not tonight,' and repeatedly pushed him away.

"She said no in both words and her actions, and she meant it," said prosecutor Adam Duerk.

Duerk went on to tell jurors that the victim said 'things got scary, real fast,' when Johnson wouldn't back off. Duerk said Johnson ripped off the alleged victim's pants and told her to turn over, or he would make her turn over.

But Johnson's attorneys tell a different story. One where the alleged victim was okay with the sex, and encouraged it.

"She gave him every indication that she was into it," said Kirsten Pabst. "She encouraged him, she participated, she continued."

Pabst went on to say when Jordan turned the alleged victim she told him in a flirtatious voice 'oh you're bad.'

Both attorneys made it clear what they want from the jury.

"At the end of this case, at the end of this trial we'll ask you for a conviction," Duerk said.

"She wanted a relationship with the star quarterback," said Pabst. "The fact that he didn't give her a relationship does not make what happened that night a crime."

After the accounts from prosecutors the alleged victim took the stand. Thompson asked her brief questions about her background, where she grew up, what her family is like, where she went to school, etc.

And before the trial ended for the day the woman started to get into her relationship with Johnson.

"Did you in anyway plan to have sex with him that night?" Thompson asked. "No," she replied.

Testimony will resume Wednesday morning when the trial begins again.

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