Jury sees video of detective interview with Johnson


MISSOULA, Mont. - Thursday marked day seven in the trial of a former University of Montana quarterback accused of rape. The jury got to see video of an interview detectives conducted with Jordan Johnson.

Missoula Police Detective Connie Brueckner took the stand to explain her role in the case. Part of that was the interview she did with Johnson at the police station in May 2012, about a month and a half after the alleged rape.

The jury got to see part of that video in the courtroom. In it Brueckner asked Johnson about football, and his status. He told her he's a humble person despite the attention he got from football.

After getting some background, Brueckner then asked Johnson about his relationship with the alleged victim. In the video he referred to the woman as pretty and smart. He said he thought she liked him.

Then Brueckner asked about the night of the alleged rape. In the video interview Johnson described the two kissing and eventually having sex. He said he thought the woman liked it. And "She never said stop or no. If she had I would have stopped. That's not the kind of person that I am, not how I was raised to be."

Also in the interview Johnson told Brueckner maybe he should have been more compassionate after sex, and he felt bad the woman's feelings were hurt.

Testimony from Brueckner included evidence collected in the case. Brueckner showed the court a blanket that was reportedly on the woman's bed the night of the alleged rape. The detective pointed out a substance on the blanket she said looked like ejaculate, but told the court it was never tested. Other evidence included a wristwatch the woman said Johnson left in her room the night of the alleged rape.

Brueckner told the court these types of cases involving alleged acquaintance rape are difficult.

"It came in predictably late -- cases like this often come in late. It was about six weeks after the incident," said Brueckner. "Clearly, in my world, I would love to have been right outside her door when this happened so I could grab everybody and do my interviews and get these first-hand accounts of what happened. But this was six weeks later."

The jury will likely continue to watch the interview video and hear more testimony from Brueckner Friday morning.


Thursday morning testimony continued from the counselor of the woman who has accused Jordan Johnson of raping her about a year ago.

Counselor Drew Colling from the UM Student Assault Resource Center (SARC) was cross-examined by defense attorney David Paoli. Paoli asked Colling about sessions she had with the woman and what Colling observed about her behavior.

Paoli also asked about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and what criteria Colling used to diagnose the woman. That came up again when prosecutor Joel Thompson got a chance for redirect.

A large portion of Paoli's questioning was about a text message the woman sent. Paoli told the court the text said Colling told the woman she was one of several women Johnson had assaulted. Colling testified that she never told the woman that.

The text also said the woman told Colling to tell the other alleged victims not to worry because she would press charges for all of them. When asked if the woman had mentioned that to Colling, Colling said she couldn't recall.

Shortly before the afternoon recess Thompson was up for redirect, asking Colling about her PTSD diagnosis. Thompson also questioned what the woman had told her about the way her parents reacted when they learned of the alleged rape.

The woman's parents are expected to testify before the prosecution rests.

You can follow live updates of the trial here.