Kalispell Alcohol Enforcement Team conducts compliance checks


KALISPELL, Mont. - On 01/09/2014 law enforcement personnel with the Alcohol Enforcement Team (AET) conducted alcohol compliance checks at 12 Kalispell businesses where alcohol is sold. As a result of the compliance checks, 1 of the 12 businesses was in violation as they sold alcohol to an underage AET operative. The following businesses successfully recognized the AET operative as being under age, and refused to sell the operative alcohol: Rosauers, Montana Liquor and Wine, Exxon (S. Kalispell), Zip Trip (s. Kalispell), Brian's Conoco, Town Pump (four corners), Blue Canyon casino, Blue Canyon restaurant, Appleway Conoco, and the Gold Dust Casino. An employee at the Best Bet Casino on Highway 93 S. sold alcohol to the underage operatives, and therefore the employee was issued a citation into Kalispell Municipal Court for selling an alcoholic beverage to a person less than 21 years of age.

The Alcohol Enforcement Team (AET) is a multi-jurisdictional task force comprised of law enforcement personnel from the Kalispell Police Department, Montana Highway Patrol, Columbia Falls Police Department, Whitefish Police Department, U.S. Forest Service, and Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. The AET operates under a grant from the Montana Board of Crime Control and the STOP Coalition. The AET conducts law enforcement activities aimed at enforcing underage drinking laws, reducing the availability of alcohol to under age individuals, and educating the public on the dangers of underage drinking.

This release was sent out by the Kalispell Police Departments

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