Kalispell animal officials reflect on Criswell case


KALISPELL, Mont. - Kalispell animal adoption officials say they're hoping to reach out to Butte agencies to help them learn from a similar animal cruelty situation that had in 2010.

That's when Cheryl and Edwin Criswell were charged with aggravated animal cruelty after more than hundred cats were discovered at their Marion home, west of Kalispell.

It was a repeat offense as the Criswell's were charged in Idaho in 2006 for housing 400 cats. Half of the Idaho cats had to be put down because of illness and disease.

In the Flathead case, the Flathead County Spay and Neuter Task Force was able to save all of the cats, but it wasn't cheap. Their power bill tripled and they had to bring in an extra dumpster for garbage.

"We got a lot of donations. There was a lady that runs a laundry business. She donated a thousand dollars of linen service. The county spent I think 14 thousand dollars just on cat litter and cat food and some of the outside veterinary care," said Mimi Beadles with the task force.

In all, Beadles says the group is still out more than $10,000 for what it cost to care for the Criswell's cats.