Kalispell council approves doubling costs at parking meters


KALISPELL, Mont. - Monday night, Kalispell City Council approved to double parking meter fees and raise parking lot permits.

These fee increases are expected to raise $24,000 yearly. This money will be used to pay for snow removal and lot maintenance.

After looking over the past 5 years, city officials knew that the budget for snow removal and lot maintenance could use some additional help.

City Manager Doug Russell explained why the boost was important.

"I think we were looking at about $6,000 on an annual basis, and I think last year we came in about $17,000 snow removal operations -- a big item in there. You know, in our downtown lots we try to get all that snow removed by 8 o'clock in the morning so people have that availability for parking," said Russell.

The city has frequently gone over the $6,000 budget. Officials plan to switch the meters over sometime this month.