Kalispell family fights state laws to help son with epilepsy


KALISPELL, Mont. - Noah has something called Intractable Epilepsy. His doctor says that means he won't respond to any prescription medication.

Kelly and Steve Fisk first noticed things were a little different when their son, Noah, when he was just 6 months old.

"Noah wasn't rolling over, he wasn't sitting on his own, he wasn't doing a lot of things that babies should do," said Kelly Fisk.

They were told Noah should be in physical therapy, then the therapists told them he had low muscle tone. And that wasn't all.

"He would just stop or he would be crawling and he'd stop and his eyes would roll back in his head, just for a couple seconds," said Fisk.

Kelly went back to doctors and took a video. Only then did physicians scan his brain activity, but it came back normal. The seizures continued, and a final brain scan sent them to a Spokane child neurologist.

"The next morning he came in, and it hasn't even been 24 hours and he said, 'We don't need to do any more monitoring'...because Noah had about 20 seizures overnight," said Fisk.

No medication worked. That's where the idea of Cannabis or CBD Oil came in.

"No matter what you do with the existing medications and it's in those patients really where people have been doing the use of the CBD oil and things like that," said Marcus Wheeler, Pediatric Neurologist.

Trouble is, the oil is illegal in Montana. It has to be manufactured in a lab, and there aren't any in Montana. It can't be mailed or driven out-of-state, because both are breaking the law.

"I've never heard my son tell me he loves me. There's so many things parents have been hearing for years that I have never been able to hear from my son, and that's just heartbreaking," said Fisk.

The Fisks are pushing for change, but they wonder if it will come in time for Noah.

The Fisks have reached out to local legislators, but they haven't had help yet. They are hoping that a local representative will listen to their cause and help them see that CBD oil is available to patients who need it.