Kalispell police say shooting investigation now treated as homicide


KALISPELL, Mont. - Initially, Kalispell Police say they responded to a murder-suicide incident early Tuesday morning. Now, that has changed.

"What I would call it is a homicide investigation. That's how were treating it and that's what I would refer to it as," said Sergeant Myron Wilson of the Kalispell Police Department.

Authorities arrived at a home in northwest Kalispell after getting a call from a man saying his father had just shot his mother and was threatening to turn the gun on himself.

When police arrived on scene, they reportedly found two bodies. The dead were later identified as Dan and Stacy Fleck.

Since then, we've learned Stacy was as a paraprofessional at Evergreen Elementary and Junior High. Superintendent Laurie Barron says Stacy was a great spirited person who everyone loved talking to.

"Just was the type of person that people really flocked to, confided in. She was the staff member that the struggling student really, really relied on," Barron said.

Barron says the school brought in grief counselors to talk with staff and students about Stacy's death, something she says she never could have imagined.

"It's been a very sad week here. It's certainly a tragedy that none of us expected. It's just very sad," she said.

But for now, all anyone can do is wait to see where the investigation goes next.

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