Kalispell repeals city airport project


KALISPELL, Mont. - People have been calling this one of the most important elections in Kalispell is the past few decades, due in part to the decision whether to repeal the $16 million city airport upgrade and expansion.

After much debate, the residents of Kalispell have decided they do not want to expand and upgrade the city airport.

Less than 400 votes separated the two sides, with 1,881 votes cast in favor of the repeal of the airport project and 1,528 voted against the repeal, hoping to keep the project alive.

Scott Davis, the spokesman for Quiet Skies of Kalispell, was out waving and holding signs for his cause leading up to the election.

He had a good feeling about the vote.

"I think within the last month we're had people saying hey, we're gonna be behind you on this," said Davis.

This vote was so important to some that it was the reason they ran for office.

Karlene Osorio-Khor ran for Kalispell's Ward 3 city council seat and one of the main issues she ran for was the repeal of the city airport expansion.

While she was disappointed in her own loss to incumbent Jim Atkinson, she was happy to hear about the airport vote.

"I think that was such an important issue and that's why this election was the most important election we've had because that particular issue impacts all of us," said Osorio-Khor.

For now, it's back to the drawing board, leaving the future of the airport uncertain.