Key witness in Christensen trial being investigated


HAMILTON, Mont. - As the jury continues deliberations in the opioid trial of Dr. Chris Christensen, the Florence doctor accused of 22 felony drug counts, there's been a strange new twist to the story.

According to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune newspaper in California, federal investigators served a search warrant Wednesday for the home and offices of an expert witness who testified on Christensen's behalf earlier this week.

The Tribune reports according to records that Dr. Forest Tennant is under investigation for allegedly over-prescribing Fentanyl and other painkillers.

The paper said no charges have been filed at this time and quoted Tennant as saying he "did nothing wrong."

Tennant is a public health doctor and pain specialist who was a key witness in the Christensen trial.

He told the jury Christensen was "in over his head" treating patients with opioids.

But Tennant said although he "disagreed" it was a standard practice at the time for doctors to prescribe opioids as a first-line treatment.

He said Christensen was being "blamed" for what doctors all over the country were doing.

Christensen is accused of two counts of negligent homicide for the deaths of two patients under his care, criminal endangerment of nine other patients, and for criminal distribution of drugs.

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