Lake Como campground closed due to bear activity


HAMILTON, Mont. - The Darby/Sula Ranger District on the Bitterroot National Forest announced they closed the Three Frogs Campground at Lake Como for public safety following several reports of bear activity in the campground this week. Three Frogs is located on the north side of Lake Como with 20 campsites.

Several campers reported seeing a black bear attempting to tip over or get into garbage dumpsters. One camper reported that the bear came directly into their camp, was not afraid of people, and even tried several times to enter their trailer.

Forest officials reported the incidents to Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks who are now attempting to trap and relocate the bear.

Officials also posted signs about the bear activity around the lake along with important reminders that anyone hiking or camping this summer in bear country should follow to help prevent human-bear encounters.

They include:

1. Keep a clean camp at all times. Keep tents and sleeping bags free of odors. 2. Avoid cooking smelly foods. 3. Hang all food, trash and other odorous items well away from camp and at least 10 feet above ground and 4 feet from any vertical support, or store in a bear proof container. 4. Camp away from trails and areas where you see bear signs. 5. Don't sleep in the same clothes you wore while cooking or eating.

Additional information about recreating safety in bear country can be found at or by contacting the Darby/Sula Ranger District at (406) 821-3913.

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