Lanterns light Butte sky for suicide awareness


BUTTE, Mont. - More than 100 lanterns filled the sky in the mining city tonight and it was all in the name of suicide prevention. Students, parents, and community members gathered at the original mine yard to remember those lives lost in the recent suicides. The lanterns were intended to symbolize light and peace even in the darkest times. We spoke to several students who came out to the event, hoping it will bring awareness to suicide prevention in the Butte community. "This helps people realize that there is a problem and something needs to be done about it and we are the ones that can do something about it," said Colton Schumacher. "A lot of friends were lost and a lot of families have to grieve about something that could be prevented," said Abigail Golan. "And we just hope that in all of this it really reaches out to someone," said Becca Schnabel. The student organizers were raising money for suicide prevention groups, but have not decided where the money will go just yet. They were not exactly sure what to expect from Saturday nights event, but tell us they are very pleased with the turnout. They are also looking to make this an annual event in Butte.