Law enforcement: stay off back country roads near Bozeman


BOZEMAN, Mont. - The Gallatin County Sheriff's Department is warning people the back roads around Bozeman are not safe this time of year, after two Bozeman residents were rescued after getting stuck in their car near Bridger Bowl. It happened at 16 Mile Road, on the west side of the Bridger mountains on Thursday morning. Law enforcement said the pair became stuck around 2 a.m. They stayed in their car until 9 in the morning, and walked through the snow for six hours until finding cell phone service. We're told the pair had no food or proper clothing for the conditions. "It takes a long time for the snow to come off those roads," explained Deputy Sheriff Dan Tiller, "and when they do come off, you have mud. And even with good tires you're not going to get out of there, even with chains you might not get out. So just think twice before you go. Secondly, make sure that you are equipped properly. It's just like winter travel. You want to have food, water, and the right kind of clothing." The Gallatin County Sheriff's Department says if you plan to drive into these areas, contact the Sheriff's Department and they can tell you the condition of the roads.

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