Lawmaker: Yoga pants comment 'a joke,' inspires beer


MISSOULA, Mont. - A state legislator says an offhand comment he made about yoga pants this week outside a committee hearing in Helena was a joke, taken out of context.

The indecent exposure bill introduced by State House Rep. David "Doc" Moore (R-Missoula) was tabled Wednesday after it was reported that Moore wanted to outlaw yoga pants.

The measure drew criticism and mockery, and even inspired the Tamarack brewery in Missoula to rename one of its beers "Sip and Go Yoga Pants," and sell them at a dollar a pint.

Managers at the brewery said it was to bring awareness to the bill, and make for a good laugh.

"That's kind of been the talk around the restaurant and a lot of banter back and forth today between me and the guests, in a friendly way," said Assistant General Manager Ryan Pipinich. "But it was something to talk about for sure. A lot of comedy we find in it, actually."

We talked to Moore after his bill was tabled, and he said his yoga pants comment was made outside the committee hearing to a reporter who he says did not understand his sense of humor.

He said the purpose of his bill was only to create a more specific indecent exposure law to govern public displays of nudity, following Missoula's naked bike ride last year.

"Constituents in the Missoula area hired a lawyer to study First Amendment free speech versus obscenity, and they asked me to carry a bill because the law wasn't very clear, and that's why they were allowed that bike ride," said Moore. "The yoga thing was just an off-hand remark. I was kidding around afterwards. I don't have a problem with (yoga pants), but apparently, you can't kid around with a young reporter."

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