Lawmakers look to exempt Montana from daylight saving time


MISSOULA, Mont. - Time jumped ahead Sunday morning as daylight saving time took place. Montanans are feeling the effect of the change, but this may be the last time.

A bill to exempt Montana from participating in daylight saving time already passed in the State Senate. The Montana House will pick up discussion on SB 206 Wednesday morning.

Missoula resident Gail Chandler says she doesn't know if the bill will pass.

"I don't really care one way or the other," Chandler said. "I don't think it is going to impact me much at all."

Missoula resident Trevor Lowell thinks it will. He's in favor of the measure.

"It would definitely be nice to have some consistency and not have to flip-flop every six months," Lowell said.

If SB 206 passes, Montana would be on the Mountain time zone year-round. Arizona is also in the Mountain time zone and does not participate in daylight saving time. Neither does the state of Hawaii.

Moving your clock forward or backward may mess up your schedule.

Lowell says he usually forgets to change his clocks.

"Some of my clocks still say that it's an hour back," Lowell said. "I've been walking around just a little bit confused."

Others say sleep loss that comes with a change in time may cause health risks, but the Missoula City-County Health Department says that may not be necessarily true.

Chandler says the time change takes a toll on her body.

"Right now I lost an hour of sleep, so I have to try and find that somewhere."

If SB 206 passes the bill will go into effect when we fall back this year on Nov. 5.