Little progress at rockslide near Lookout Pass


SALTESE, Mont. - A stretch of I-90 5 miles east of Lookout Pass has now been closed for five weeks, with a long process ahead to get it reopened. Traffic remains limited to one lane in both directions a few miles west of the Saltese exit.

NBC Montana spoke to the Montana Department of Transportation for an update on the situation. According to MDT, they are waiting on a proposal from a private construction company on how to make the area safe again. The group is already performing rockslide prevention work on I-90 near Haugan.

In the month since the slide happened, the area has been mostly quiet.

MDT pulled back their crews after initial assessments showed the slide area was still dangerous. Officials say they now have permission to take heavy equipment above the slide area, which is on private and Forest Service land.

Having equipment push loose debris down the mountainside is one of the ideas that may find it's way into a proposal.

MDT expects a proposal by May 16. Only after a proposal is approved will work begin again at the rockslide site.