Local Boston Marathoners arrive home, recall Monday's events


KALISPELL, Mont. - Montana runners who were at the Boston Marathon are keeping a close eye on the investigation. Dr. Richard Briles, an ER doctor at Kalispell Regional Medical Center, said he was done with the race and in his hotel room when he heard about the bombings. He wanted to reach out and help, but could only walk about a block or two outside of his hotel Monday before he was stopped by Boston Police.

Briles tells NBC Montana it was a perfect Marathon Monday - it was his fourth time running the event. Toward the end of his race, Briles stopped listening to his music and focused more on the energetic crowd that was cheering him on. Looking back, Briles said he's saddened that a day considered a holiday to many Bostonians will forever be changed.

He also said he couldn't fathom what the trauma scene must have looked like near the finish line.

"Talked to some people on the plane who were actually there and just explaining it to me.... being an ER doctor I see people come in with mangled limbs and things," said Briles. "And you always do a 5 second gut check to sort of say 'Whoa,' and adrenaline kicks in and to see that magnified by 30 or 50 it must have been horrible."

Briles is unsure if he'll be running a fifth Boston Marathon next year.