Local councils weigh in on Boy Scouts' admittance of girls


BOZEMAN, Mont. - The Boy Scouts of America announced Wednesday it will soon be admitting girls to its ranks, but one group in particular is not pleased with the news. The Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming told NBC Montana they believe girls will end up suffering as a result of the change.

Communications manager Kristi Osterlund said while Girl Scouts are not concerned, the announcement will translate to a decrease in enrollment for Girl Scouts.

"We think this is an unfortunate decision by the Boy Scouts," Osterlund said. "Boy Scouts doesn't necessarily have the expertise, or frankly, the interest in developing girls' potential."

Peter Jones with the Boy Scouts of America Montana Council disagrees. Jones feels the decision will allow girls to move through rankings they've never had and gain new experiences.

"A lot of times what we've seen is a Boy Scout comes on a trip or a campout and their sister comes along, and they haven't had the same opportunities," Jones said.

Girls will be able to join Cub Scout dens in 2018 and start working their way toward an Eagle Scout ranking come 2019. Both Jones and Osterlund told NBC Montana enrollment has been steady for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

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