Locals protest charges in teen's death


MISSOULA, Mont. - Dozens of people lined up at the Missoula County Courthouse Friday afternoon, just one day after a woman pleaded guilty to running over and killing a Missoula high school student.

Friends and family of 18-year-old Chance Geery voiced that they are upset that Yoon Hee Cho, the driver in the accident, wasn't charged with a felony.

Missoula County Attorney Fred Van Valkenburg was the protest as well, after one attendee told him they wanted to ask him some questions. At one point Van Valkenburg had several people surrounding him asking why Cho who isn't in jail.

Others stood showing their signs to passersby.

Geery's father told us he just wants the community to take a closer look at the careless driving law.

"There needs to be change," said Todd Geery. "They need to fix this law if there is a hole as they say in the careless driving law. They need to fix it before it happens again."

Yoon Hee Cho is serving house arrest for 30 days. She got a six-month suspended sentence and a $5,000 fine in court earlier this week.