Locals react to Gianforte sentencing


Montana's U.S. House Rep.-elect Greg Gianforte was sentenced Monday to 40 hours of community service, 20 hours of anger management classes, a 180-day deferred sentence and a $385 fine after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge.

Locals in downtown Bozeman had mixed emotions about the sentencing.

Some said Justice of the Peace Rick West's sentence for Gianforte is justified.

"He made a mistake," Bozeman resident Keith Patterson said. "I do not think that it should be carried any further except for a reasonable sentence, and I think that it was reasonable."

"I know him as a good person," resident Steve Barrett said. "He goofed up and did something wrong, and he should pay some penalty, and I think it's appropriate."

Others in Bozeman were not satisfied with West's sentence for Gianforte.

"He assaulted a reporter and especially in a position of power, I just don't feel like there's any excuse for that," Allison Petrov said. "In my opinion he definitely should've been hit with a harsher sentence."

"He should serve some jail time and, if nothing else, he should be picking up garbage and cans in the streets," resident David Schimetz said.

NBC Montana reached out to the Gianforte camp for its reaction to the sentence, but we did not hear back.