Lt. Governor McLean talks agriculture with Morning Star students


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Kindergarten classrooms in Bozeman welcomed a special guest this morning. Montana Lieutenant Governor Angela McLean visited Morning Star Elementary students as part of the Agriculture Literacy Program.

McLean sat down with the students reading books they prepared about the various crops grown in Montana. That was followed by a presentation on agricultural maps.

The Lieutenant Governor also read a book to the class about how food is grown on farms.

We met up with McLean at the event. She told us, "These students are bright, they're articulate, and they're curious. And we got to talk about what crops we're growing across the state of Montana and where we're growing them. And they have a great understanding of what's happening and that's so important because agriculture is key to the Montana economy."

Last year the Agriculture Literacy Program reached some 80,000 students in Montana and other states.