Man accused of recording in Splash locker room pleads not guilty


MISSOULA, Mont. - The man accused of recording a woman and her daughter changing in a public locker room pleaded not guilty Thursday morning.

The ex Missoula County Detention Officer Michael Gauci pleaded not guilty to burglary and tampering with evidence after prosecutors say he used a video camera in the 'family locker room' at Splash Montana water park.

Court documents say Gauci admitted he'd gone to Splash with the intent of filming women in the changing rooms, saying he waited until he heard a woman in the stall next to him and put his camera over the divider.

But in court Thursday he pleaded not guilty to the charges, which came as a surprise to the father of one of the alleged victims.

"Well it's kind of laughable with the evidence that's against him that he can actually…say ‘not guilty'," said John Flaget who's daughter is an alleged victim of the Splash incident. "If he gets off I'll be really upset."

Gauci is scheduled to appear on the charges again next month. The judge already set a trial date for November.

In the mean time Gauci's not allowed to talk to any of the alleged victims, and he's banned from splash Montana and Currents Aquatic Center.