Man acquitted of rape guilty of threatening prosecutor


BOZEMAN, Mont. - A Montana man who was acquitted of rape has pleaded guilty to threatening to kill the prosecutor and the detective involved.

Jared Kuntz, 35, of Bozeman pleaded guilty Wednesday to two counts of intimidation in an agreement that recommends a five-year sentence with the Department of Corrections. The agency would determine his placement.

Kuntz was acquitted of the 2012 rape but convicted of a misdemeanor for giving alcohol to the 18-year-old woman.

In May 2016, Kuntz posted on his Facebook page saying he would beat the prosecutor and the detective to death with a baseball bat unless they each paid him $500,000.

Kuntz said he was frustrated because he spent 20 months in jail and nearly $100,000 defending himself. He said he "kind of vented on Facebook" and deeply regretted it.

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